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John Simmons

Just thinking about life three years ago. I was on my death bed in ICU in the very same room that my dad died in. My lungs were full of blood clots because of a leg injury I had. I was 29, a married man and with a son who was a little over one year old. The thought of not being here with them was completely heart breaking. Thinking about it even now makes my eyes swell with tears.

It was at that moment my entire foundation that I had in God would be completely annihilated. From the outside everything looked ok. From a material standpoint I looked blessed beyond measure by God, highly favored. Good job, big home, nice vehicles etc etc. Good grief did I come to realization that this was all dust in the wind.

Suffering, though hard, has a way of extinguishing all the little gods in our life that otherwise rage like a wild fire. It completely changes our perspective.

All that to say this. Keep your heart, eyes and ears open. You’ll be very much in awe just how much God is trying to speak to you. Not just speak but love on you. Because He is right there with you through it all, suffering right with you.

He is there in the fire just as He was with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.



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