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John Simmons

About Me

I am a husband and father but most importantly I am loved by God.  Without the latter I could not be the former.  Life itself has its ups and downs regardless of the direction its not meant to be endured or enjoyed alone but together, in community.

As you read you will find that I am pretty open about my life experience.  I chose to go this route for the simple fact that I believe there is much Grace to be had when we realize that we aren’t walking with God alone in our struggles.  We all have our struggles and through them, both big and small, they are still struggles and they are meant to be carried together.  I’ve never been encouraged by an individual based on how much scripture he has memorized or how eloquently he may speak.  Nor has his moral holiness filled me with much grace.  In fact it has left me in a very desolate place many times in my life because of comparing yourself to others.

What has filled me with much encouragement though is when I am with people which I can relate.  That I can be open with my struggles and issues and then be openly received in love, this is Grace manifested and is absolutely how Jesus operated!  Grace takes upon your whole life story both the good and the bad, the light and the dark, and says “come as you are, there is nor favoritism here”.  This blog aims at that very perspective.

You’re not alone, and you are indeed infinitely loved beyond your struggles.  The entire ministry of Christ testifies as such.

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