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John Simmons

From my journal one year ago.

“For a long time I have prayed for wonder, seeing and experiencing Abba the same way a child marvels at the gifts his earthly father gives him.

As I was on my way visiting a friend, I believe I was on 512 and I made a right on Canyon Road (still learning my way around Washington). There was not a cloud in the sky.  When I looked to the left to see Mount Rainer blanketed in snow and towering higher than anything I have ever seen, the moment was totally surreal. At that moment I remembered my prayer for wonder and was marveled at how God is undeniably fulfilling it.

I think wonder is something we as Abbas children forget, I know I have. All of creation is a gift, it testifies not only of Gods great power, but also His great love for us. A dear friend in Puyallup yesterday expressed to me how much he loved giving his children things when it was the right time. There is something about that wonder that I truly believe melts Gods heart, in the same way as a fathers heart melts when his son or daughter receives something from him and is completely marveled.  I am sure you have experienced that same pleasure with your own children.  That reaction when excitement is not only manifested in the face but the whole body.  And if you have witnessed that reaction I guarantee that you remember how full of joy your heart was.  The reason is simple though, the children are the object of the your delight, just as it is with my friend and thus, we are then standing in glorious revelation of how God sees us. How He sees everyone, really.  

Gods delight is you. Its always been you and it will forever be you. Nothing will change that fact so YOU rest in that fact. I don’t know who needs to hear this but His love isn’t retributive, it doesn’t push away but rather screams from the hilltops, “Come to me ALL who are weary and have grown heavy! My burden is light!”

God doesn’t barter His love by your moral standing. If that was the case the cross would have never happened and we wouldn’t have a chance. You are loved, plain and simple. Receive your belovedness and watch that transformation begin.”

In Christ


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