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John Simmons

Wrote this last night. I pray it encourages someone if you take the time to read it.
The are times where I just wish that we as a people wouldn’t have to subject ourselves to this world system.

Get a job
Go in debt on a house
Possibly a car
Bills bills bills bills, and need I say more bills.

No I don’t want to be lazy and I am not.
No I am not struggling with work.
No we are not struggling with bills or finances (all glory to God on that one).

But with these things its easy to get trapped into the same routine over and over. I remember a time when even here on Facebook I was trying to use this social media thing as a beacon of hope to those hurting and just needing encouragement. This world system can really rob the life out of you which in turn prevents you from being Grace to others. When Jesus said so these things even to the least of these. That doesn’t exclude us.

In the busyness of life I have lost sight of other things and this happens throughout life. What I have noticed though is as I lose sight of other things i have found myself becoming more self centered, my temper flares easily, and at times I don’t use proper English (you know what I mean). Even when I was down in Missouri I went and visiting my former work head quarters and an individual said “what you been up to? I haven’t seen any of your posts lately?” That kind of pricked my heart a little.

Was I feeling a little down about myself? Yes. Was there self pity? Yes. Was I feeling Shameful? Yes. Self esteem for much of my life has always been very low so I’ll say the old spiritual me was beginning to rise up again. I felt absolutely and completely insignificant, a failure…

But then tonight God has reminded me of the many interactions with my boy before bed time. I posted on this awhile back but here recently since we moved into our new home he has been much more afraid of the dark than normal.

So, my response has been “Son, daddy loves you more than anything, and because of that love daddy isn’t going to let anything happen to you, nothing is going to happen and nothing will ever hurt you because I am here.”

Every time I say these words he smiles just like his mother in which every muscle fiber is used in his face, ha! But in doing so, it really moves my heart and it really is the greatest gift back to me. That he trusts in my protection, that he trusts in my love for him.

And so all that to say this, though infinitely magnified, we move the heart of our Abba Father in Heaven, our daddy when we trust in His love. Its only when we trust in His love that we really truly trust in God’s redeeming work of Christ. That you are just simply loved but you are the object of that love. In fact Christ said “trust God and trust in ME” (Jn 14:1) When there are times where it seems we are lacking He is tender even in our failings just as the father was to the prodigal son.

His love is incomprehensible when it comes to you.
There is no measure by which it can be contained
No power that can control it nor overcome it
No time that has started or stopped it.

And His plan for you is still making greater strides than you realize. Sometimes when we feel we aren’t moving that’s when we are moving the most.

Blessings my brothers and sisters


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