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John Simmons

A little excerpt from my journal last year….

This morning as I was driving into work I couldn’t help but think of “revival” and what that looks like. The image I kept seeing was that of Jesus having a meal with people. I have a couple Jewish Rabbi’s on my friends list and every now and then I bug them with little questions….

So I asked, “Would you be able to explain and maybe elaborate what meal sharing is to you, from the Jewish perspective? When you ask someone to have dinner with you, in the Jewish culture what does that signify?”

His response was simple. “Friendship”

That hit home and it cut really deep. Who was Jesus eating with after Christ told Matthew “follow me”? Sinners! Tax collectors!
A meal at the table represented these things:
It meant peace
It meant acceptance
It meant reconciliation
It also meant brotherhood

Could you imagine how those tax collectors felt? Here they are sitting with Christ who is the exact likeness of God, who also testifies how God really feels towards us… and there He is sitting at the table with whom society hated and down right rejected! Yet through His actions of a simple meal Love is manifested beyond our wildest dreams.  Could you imagine Zacchaeus? The chief of all tax collectors! It was no wonder he shot up from the table turning from raping people financially to selling half of everything and restoring those he stole from four times!!!!!

Do you see the power of an unaltered love that comes from God and acts in His ways of mercy and compassion?  There was/is no pointing fingers at anyone’s current way of life but rather Love would captivate and produce radical change right in the middle of our “stuff”.

You can even take this a step further and even look at the last supper.  There is no doubt in Christs ministry concerning enemy love, He taught it as well as lived it by example.  He displayed it on the cross while being murdered (“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”) and even during the last supper friendship was being extended to His betrayer Judas. At the table!!!  I believe we as true representatives of Christ must cling to and exhibit this all the same, as Christ did, if we want to see any “revival” or any “awakening”. Gods love must be exhibited in us and remain steadfast and unrelenting all the way to the very cross we bear, continuing even unto the restoration of all things.  I truly believe that if we want to see individuals coming to know the beauty and fulfillment that is in Christ, we must first be that very example.  The fact is we are living breathing Kingdom of God on earth, and the things we say and do will ultimately reflect how others will perceive God around us.  I believe it was Francis of Assisi who said it best…”Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”  Let that sink in for a little bit.  I have read so many books on keys revival and I have come to this conclusion. We are that key.

I encourage you all, do not limit your walk to those around you who already know Christ! Eat with those who do not know, serve those who do not know! And more importantly LOVE THEM!!!!!!

In Christ


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