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John Simmons

I wrote this almost three years ago. I wanted to share this again. My grandmother Miller gave me a word three years ago and it was that wherever we go God’s will be with us. This was before we would sell our house and even before I would quit my job with Ameren Missouri. Its really interesting to see this now and look at where we are.

“I am sitting here at the airport in Utah just thinking about my families trip to Washington. Man it was such an amazing time; full of good weather, and honestly the greatest family time I have experienced, ever. I even received a precious word that was so timely in the season we are in by Grandma Miller, it was Gods prefect grace, delivered at the absolute most perfect time.

After visiting her last Thursday something really hit me and I just can’t let it go. That wonderful lady will do anything and everything to bring up Christ, to give Him praise and testify about His goodness. There hasn’t been one time seeing her in person or talking to her on the phone that she hasn’t brought up Christ and His goodness. Even now typing this I still wonder at that.

I believe being lukewarm is more than just not reading your bible or not praying or not going church. Lukewarmness also can occur in experience with the person of Christ (His goodness, His compassion, His Mercy, His tenderness, on YOUR LIFE). I think the biggest enemy to this is our own work. By that I mean we do this and that, don’t do this and that and soon we fall into the life sucking power of self righteousness. Then it is at this point that we begin to look at others differently, its a sense of entitlement but on the opposite end of the spectrum. The fact is this, as we draw to Christ we understand our need of grace and as we understand our need of grace we are able to interact with others in the same way as Christ would do with ours. We tend to forget at times that when Christ looked upon the crowds it was with compassion because they were like sheep without a shepherd.”

Am I trying to sound condemning and harsh? Not at all, I am just as guilty, in fact I just recently wrote about it! But if it’s one thing I have learned now more than ever. We cannot keep still about that which we love, both in action and with lips.

Thought this was a good reminder.


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