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John Simmons

Take the time to read, I think you’ll find much grace…

About three years on a Tuesday I was going to work as usual. During this season my wife and I were making plans to move, or at least prepare for our move, to the state of Washington. In fact, today marks the three year anniversary in which we sold our house.

The morning started off just like every other morning. Yet when I got to work I noticed I was on a service crew with two other gentlemen. A service crew is typically only two-man work.

Thinking to myself that was a little odd I just rolled with the day. I honestly didn’t mind and I enjoyed working with the two men that were on that crew. The first job was simple, a small tri-plex service needed to be changed out because of squirrels. It was a simple task and it was completed in no time.

My foreman, Steve, said: “Hey that guy is a minister over there.”

Once I realized who the man was, it was pretty obvious he was a seasoned minister. At first, I decided to not bother him, after all, he had apparently arrived only moments earlier. But my heart was pricked and I couldn’t let it go.

My foreman was doing paperwork and I figured I had time so I mustered up the courage and I approached him. I said the following…

“Sir, I got a question for you?”

“Sure son, whatcha got?” he replied

“I’m honestly about to do some things that much of the world would see as ridiculous. We are in the process of selling our house and I will be quitting this job and moving to the State of Washington. My wife and I feel like this is what God wants us to do. In the process of all that I will be going to school, to get my degree in Biblical Studies and do exactly what you’re doing. Do you have any words of wisdom?”

He laughed, put his hands on my shoulders and said

“You know, I did the same thing you did. I left it all behind and finally pursued what God had always intended me to do. That was over 45 years ago son. You do your best and God will take care of everything else. Even if your best means you still fail, understand that God sees you no different. You are His child and nothing, not even failure can redefine that.”

What a God-ordained moment…

I’ve carried that with me ever since. Gods love for you isn’t based on your performance. If it was, everyone one of us is doomed.



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