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John Simmons

Why would God allow….

I remember when I gave my heart to God at the age of 14. My life was already in shambles. My mom and dad had split and I was taking care of my father the best I could at 14 while going to school.

It was just a few short weeks, maybe a month, my father would die after God seized me with His affection.

Why would God plunge me into such turmoil? You might ask? I know I asked this many times.

Looking back at it now. It wasn’t that God was plunging me into the depths of suffering as it was God entering right into it and going through it with me. Quite literally at the right time.

That my brothers and sisters is the difference.

It’s not that God is desiring you to be plunged into the deep sea of suffering. What He does desire is that He be allowed to go through it with you 🙂



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