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John Simmons

Today was Rykers birthday and tomorrow he starts school. After his celebration, I was sitting on the couch rummaging through my phone. He walks in the room and sits next to me and says these words…

“Dad, thank you so much for getting Mario Party and Mario Makers 2. You’re seriously the best dad ever and the best dad in the universe.”

Made me tear up a little bit honestly and I just wrapped him up and poured the same affection into him.

I really do believe that the affection we receive from our children is very much a gift from God and He uses that to shed revelation on how it melts His heart when we express ourselves to Him. Yet it also sheds revelation in how much joy it brings Him when He pours that affection into us.

I ended with “Do you know that son?”

To which he responded, “I do dad, I really really do…” as he cuddled up into my side

Again my heart swelled. He not only just lets those words go into his ears, but they have penetrated his heart and have become his very identity in how he sees himself in relation to me, “That’s my dad and I am the object of his affection.”

That’s our identity brothers and sisters. In Abbas eyes it’s Beloved… anything other, well…. it’s an illusion…

With that, happy birthday son. If the Lord tarries and one day my life comes to an end before his appearing. You will read these one day and learn just how much you changed my life even when you were five years old turning six…



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