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John Simmons

One the greatest blessings you can ever encounter spiritually is when you stop trying to make yourself look perfect before the Lord and just simply let Him love you just as you are in the present moment.

This isn’t saying that we don’t strive for it all together, not at all!!! But as you let God love you right where you are you’ll find yourself falling more and more in love which dominoes into you becoming more and more like Him.

When man fell, it was God that went out searching while we hid.

When the prodigal left, it was the Father that took off in a sprint to meet His boy as his head crest that hill.

When the coin was lost, it was the woman who sought it out

The sheep stumbled away from the herd and the shepherd left the 99 for the one.

We serve the God who really, truly, and recklessly will take the initiative. Christ’s life is a testimony of this. My life is a testimony. LET HIM LOVE YOU!



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