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John Simmons

Will the Church ever be united?

Something that’s been on my mind.

One of the things I have pondered much in my walk is God’s Kingdom and what that looks like presently, in the now. One of the things I ask myself is this

“How on earth will the church currently in the present every be unified.”

When I ask myself this and then I look at the whole mosaic and by that I mean the vast differences in opinion, the thirty thousand plus denominations. It is VERY easy to just say it is never gonna happen. There is never going to be true unity.

The other day as I was teaching, we have been discussing on what it means being an “imager” of God and we have been digging into it slowly with me sharing lots of personal experience. To “image” God is to walk in “His Name” and as we walk in His Name we are representing Him. It’s a Hebrew idiom that simply means “on behalf of”. A perfect worldly example of this is when a police officer says “stop in the name of the law”. The police officer himself represents an authority for greater than himself. Thus when we pray “in the name of” its not so much about the name being mentioned but rather the supreme authority of the one who is named.

When we were discussing how we walk is how others see God. I personally believe the Kingdom of God isn’t tied to any certain form of government but rather it represents something far greater than the world has ever seen or experienced. It’s a coming Kingdom that right now resides in us (think of it as two circles intersecting, one being earth and the other heaven and we are in the middle). But there is coming a day where Christ is going to bring it in full with such glory our minds cannot even begin to fathom.

That being said. I brought up the Texas hurricane. Though I remember seeing really goofy theologies about tying certain verses because the date matched the verse (likes verse numbers were in the earliest manuscripts…they weren’t) there was one thing that really did catch my mind. When the hurricane struck and brought devastation unlike anything we had seen for some time. I had read an article in the Washington Times that Christian non-profits had outpaced FEMA. It even stated that the church had provided 80 percent of all aide to disaster victims at the time of the published article.

The church, God’s kingdom in the now, outpaced big government. And it was done by the some thirty plus thousand denominations and Christian non profits. I don’t know about you, but to me. That’s pretty encouraging. Could you imagine how impactful we could be if we would simply lay down our pride in simply being right? It sure is effective when we sets aside differences in opinion and comes together with one goal in mind.



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