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John Simmons

Though the mountains move and the hills shake, My love will not be removed from you and My covenant of peace will not be shaken,” says your compassionate Lord.”

Isaiah 54:10

Kindness in this verse, when translated from the Hebrew is a word called “Hesed”. Honestly This word “Hesed” is used many times in the scriptures pertaining to God’s “kindness” and almost every time it references this rock solid steadfast love. There are also examples of our English word “love” coming from Hebrew ” Hesed”. A perfect example of this is Lamentation 3:31-32.

This is a love that isn’t so much focused on the romance as it is with the SECURITY and LOYALTY of that love. It will extend beyond any hurt, and it will trump any sin. Regardless of the offense, it will extend forgiveness, and establish reconciliation. It is a love that can be counted on and has no strings attached nor does it ask the bartered question “What’s in it for me.”

Hesed is manifested when a wayward son who has totally alienated his family suddenly cries for help and immediately the father rushes to his aid.

Ever go out of your way to maybe help a friend who has been lonely much of his or her life and you connect them to a significant other? Then Hesed or Loyalty love has manifested.

Hesed is when I see my mother in law unwaveringly go out to visit her mother in law suffering from dementia in the nursing home, and though many times her mother in law doesn’t remember her, she still goes. Even during times when there may be a bad episode and she may be weary from something she said. She will still go every single time.

Hesed is manifested when I see my wife’s aunt and her husband feed her child who is totally disabled and completely dependent upon others for survival. Though he is unable to speak and say thank you, and I am sure he is thankful. They, in loyal love, still continue to love him, feed him, bath him, cloth him and fulfill all the necessary needs for everyday life.  

It is manifested when my father and myself may get into a little argument with words and say hurtful things. Yet when the door of reconciliation is opened we burst through it like a door strapped with a bomb and he embraces me as his own and calls me son I call him dad.

It is exhibited when a king steps down from His throne and dwells in the frailty of a baby boy so that when the time was right He would rather die than live without us!  

Hesed is manifested even in my life. As you know I have been pretty open with the fact that I do indeed struggle and have struggled. My teenage years are filled with what seems like paradox after paradox and contradiction after contradiction. And the thing that frustrated me the most was how I wasn’t getting past my issue at that time. Was my faith lacking? No it wasn’t. I truly believe the struggles of life are at times there to simply prove the truth that God’s Love is steadfast.  That it is indeed a testimony that neither “death nor life, neither angels or demons, neither the present or the future, nor any powers, neither height or depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us the Love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Am I saying this is giving us a free ride to do whatever? Certainly not!!! As you know Christ more and more you can’t help but be drawn to that love! I am saying we can be like Peter who denied Christ three times and when He sees his resurrected savior he jumps out of the boat into the water while still in his underwear like a man drunk and know that love hasn’t gone anywhere. If he did, he wouldn’t have jumped out of that boat plain and simple. The man had a confidence in the Love of God.   God would usher in healing to Peters heart but subjecting Himself to the possible rejection of His own disciple but asking “Do you love me?”  What God does this!?  The god’s back then reigned with fire and thunderbolts to show who was in charge bringing about change in the hearts of people through fear.  Rather God takes a “chance” that could infinitely impact Him yet because of “hesed” He completely risks it all again!  So take courage and rest in God’s Love that He has for you! It isn’t going anywhere!




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