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John Simmons
     Already I am seeing lights, hearing music, and witnessing the frantic chaos to get whatever gift individuals are getting for their loved ones during the Christmas season… 
     Ran across this in my writings.  I wrote this almost a year ago, and I am sure I posted this on here at the same time. 
    “I will be leaving in literally one week to head to the state of Washington where my wife, my son, and myself will start a new life, it’s very much a new beginning. I miss them dearly this morning. To be re-united with them is something I cannot express in words.
     Thinking about this morning and the meaning of Christmas. I cannot help but ponder….
     Our God would take residence in the vessel of a baby boy. It was at this very moment that God Himself was starting a new beginning within the present. The “gods” of the time according to the pagans would make themselves known through thunderbolts, colossal waves, earth quakes and the like, letting them know who was in charge. Jehovah, however, a baby boy. His judgment would not be destruction but that of renewal and reconciliation. You could say heaven was walking among men.
     This Christmas has been quite possibly the greatest revelation of new beginnings, of something new and I know that in my personal life I now truly understand the beauty of Advent. Honestly, this is a far better feeling than any car, truck, house, or any other material thing I have ever received(or bought my self).
     I am so thankful for God that was displayed through Jesus.  For it is through Jesus that God’s true expression of us is revealed and it is very much for you rather than against. 
     He would rather come into our world, live and love amongst us, then die a death that wasn’t His, than live without you….
The greatest gift we have ever known….. Jesus
In Christ
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