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John Simmons

When you already have “the good job” and you have a “nice house”, among other things, you tend lean towards the thought that you are indeed doing everything right.  I know I did.  But what if God asks you to simply pack up?  Well, it would take some time for me to muster up the faith to do so but this is exactly what would happened.

This was written last year about the same time.  During this season my family and I were in the state of Missouri getting ready to move to the state of Washington to be closer to my wife’s family as well as a vision I have for us which my wife fully supports.  As you read this I pray it is a beautiful revelation to your mind and heart.

“So here recently, the past couple of weeks. My heart has been very heavy with some very big changes taking place in the next few weeks. It was last week that I was sitting in the truck at work while it rained and my mind was racing.

Was there fear? A little…

Is what I am doing making sense? Not at all!

Am I going out on a limb here? ABSOLUTELY!

I honestly began to sob and in my mind I asked “Lord why on earth am I doing this? Why on Earth am I feeling so much peace about this?”

No sooner I said that it was like the Lord tore apart the veil over my eyes to behold the realization that He wasn’t just whispering to me but speaking to me with a shout, and the evidence manifested all around me.

I watched as the autumn rain slowly pulled away the leaves on the trees everywhere. Here I was sitting in this truck and I am within a moment that’s so surreal, I really felt God ordained it just for me. Within this heavenly moment I couldn’t help but notice how much this parallels to our lives. You see, Autumn is a time for letting go and releasing things that have been a burden, as well as distractions. I realized that at this point, through the season of Fall, that He is getting me out of the way so that the Spirit would in turn will lead me.  

If God is calling you to do something radical, Follow it!!!! I am a firm believer in Proverbs 3:5-6 and yes it quoted and emphasized so much. You know what it says to me though? Float….. Just…. Float…. You trust God, no matter how crazy it seems and you go with it! His providence will always follow.”

Its hard to believe that its almost been a year since we left everything behind to start our lives up here.  Much of my life I have always preached that if God is calling you to do this or that, His providence always follows.  It was tested so thoroughly this year.  Though it has been hard at times, and I was filled with many questions (that in time would be answered) I can honestly say with all of me that it was there and not once did it leave.

I pray this is much grace to all who read it.



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